Best 10 Things to do in Dublin [Ultimate Guide]

things to do in Dublin

The Irish are often considered to be one of the kindest people and walking through the streets of Dublin will give you multiple reasons that will confirm that statement. Extremely friendly people, charming neighborhoods, colorful doorways, and superb museums and huge more things to do in Dublin are the reasons why Dublin is a great idea if you’re still thinking about your next travel destination.

If you like the idea so far but are still wondering what are the best things to do in Dublin, here is a short guide that will walk you through the small capital of Ireland, that has earned a pronounced reputation among travelers.


The Guinness Storehouse Factory

The most popular and famous places in Dublin you can visit The Guinness Storehouse Factory is one of them. You will be taken through seven floors od Irish brewing history inside of a building which interior has been designed to look like a pint of Guinness (fun fact: it’s considered to be the largest pint in the world)

You’ll be able to learn more about the long-lasting tradition of Irish brewing, about the Guinness family, and how the Guinness beer is crafted to be perfect as it is. Imagine yourself enjoying a 360-degree view of Dublin while enjoying a pint of Guinness. Sounds like a plan! Cheers!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

If you ever heard about Dublin, there’s a big chance you also heard about the patron saint of Ireland – St. Patrick. The largest cathedral in Ireland happened to be the St. Parick’s Cathedral in Dublin that has been founded in 1191. It’s open for visitors daily from 09 AM until 05 PM.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience impressive stain glass windows and patterned floors which are one of the main reasons why these brilliant architecture wonders keep attracting visitors from all across the globe.

Trinity College Library

things to do in Dublin Trinity College Library

Another thing you need to put on your list of things to do in Dublin is going to the Trinity College Library. The Trinity Library is the largest in Ireland and it’s a significant part of Ireland’s oldest university, Trinity College that has hosted students like the famous poet Oscar Wilde and the author of Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift.

The library is also home to the Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript of the New Testament that’s over a thousand years old. The main chamber of the Old Library is known under the name Long Room and is home to 200000 remarkable treasures of Irish identity.

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle is a home 800-year-old memories of the city’s history. With its stunning structure, it’s the heart of historic Dublin. There are many self-guided and guided tours of the Castle which take you to to the stunning rooms and gardens of prehistoric Dublin.

Walk across Ha’penny Bridge

Walking across the Haâ Penny Bridge is one of the things you need to do in Dublin. The bridge was built in 1816 and was named for the “half-penny” that prices needed to pay to cross the bridge.

It is known as the first pedestrian bridge that spans over the River Liffey and is one of the things you’ll see on almost every postcard, magnet, and book in Dublin.

Time for some Irish Whiskey

Ireland is not only famous for Guinness but also for its over 1000 year-long whiskey-making tradition. You can either visit the former Jameson Distillery on Bow Street that is a museum now or if you’re interested to learn how an actual distillery works, visit Teeling Distillery.

You’ll be able to taste some of the finest Irish whiskeys and see how its made. Time to say “Cheers!” once again! This place has become one of the most tourist attractions in Dublin.

Entertainment at Grafton Street

A great thing about Grafton Street is that you never know what to expect. From rock and pop to traditional Irish music, there’s no doubt you’ll see amazing street music performances here! This is one of the amazing things about the city – even when you don’t have exactly planned what to do in Dublin, places like Grafton Street make you appreciate the vibrant atmosphere even more.

Get lost in the music of amazing street performer, shut down all the drama and simply enjoy. You’re in Dublin, you deserve it! And all this entertainment access is totally free.

Phoenix Park By bike

Another best thing from things to do in Dublin list is biking in Phoenix park. A huge and beautiful city park in the northeast part of Dublin. If you don’t like the city bustle or want to enjoy some time by escape the bustle then Phoenix Park is the most perfect place for you in Dublin. Certainly in the morning it is lovely there: most people who come there are enjoying working out or walking for a while.

Phoenix Park, however, is very large and it is smart to rent a bike if you want to go there. Besides the zoo in the park, incidentally, there is a super nice and cozy teahouse where they serve super tasty cakes. Be sure to stop there for a piece of cake and a cup of tea!

Take a Trip to Howth for hiking

Hiking in the Howth peninsula another thing from the best things to do in Dublin. The amazing thing about Dublin is that you can perfectly combine the city with nature. Ireland has a lot to see and experience nature you don’t have to go that far. The bus will take you to the Howth peninsula just outside the city. The nice thing about it is that you can still see the city, but you still seem to feel completely in the great outdoors.

In the Howth you can take a beautiful walk along high cliffs, for which the Irish coast is of course known. You can choose from a short walk around. Also if you have your hiking shoes with you and you feel like a good workout, then there are also tough walks of a few hours to hike.

Beautiful Colored Front Doors

If you enjoyed a picnic in St. Stephen’s Green, then also walk into the neighborhood behind it: the so-called Georgian Quarter. It is the pride of the city, with beautiful Georgian houses from the 18th century. The architectural style of these houses is beautiful, but it is mainly the brightly colored front doors that attract attention. The history of these doors is not entirely clear, but the story goes that it started with women who were tired of their husbands being unable to find their own home after an evening at the pub.

Giving the front door a different color offered a solution. The result is now a complete neighborhood with Georgian houses with beautiful, colorful front doors. You will find the most beautiful front doors around Fitzwilliam Square and Merrion Square.

Final Words

I hope you can pick the best things to do in Dublin for your next trips. I just share with everything that I experienced in my last visit to Ireland. But I want to assure that you will find more things to do in Dublin one of the most beautiful city ever I see, which will give much more enjoyable and memorable moments. So let’s make Dublin for your next travel destination.

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